Berlin. The slow burn. The buuuuurn-lin.

A sleepy spaced out place pocketing the most creative and expressive people known to the world thus far. A group of outspoken, opinionated, downright passionate human beings who don’t know what they want or even what they need, but they’re out they’re doing life regardless of the struggle that comes their way.

I am a part of this world.  A part of the daily struggle that comes in waves of moments in the sun but mostly sharing this feeling of uncertainty with other young people just trying to get by. We’re all just trying to get by in a way that makes sense enough to express out loud to other people.

What gives the right to say something out loud? Saying something out loud is a statement in itself- to believe ones speech is more important that a silent thought of another- in conversation is where thoughts become reality however the idea that saying something out loud defines stream of consciousness to a flow of voice and string of thoughts impresses...

The idea of having an idea strong enough to say out loud is to say that ones idea is more important than another. The push and pull of ideas and freedom of speech and liberty to say whatever you want is fulfilling however competition is tight and people are everywhere, all trying to impress on each other.

What happens when you realise all you want is to be yourself without having to worry about how it will impress on another person and influence their life. Everyone is entitled to their own flavour and it’s the journey to this realisation which is the exciting years, the childhood, the teenage years, the selfish years.

Growing up and realising that I am not unique, I am not special, I am not different in anyway to anyone is a harsh reality but one that has allowed me to feel more connected to the planet and my friends and my family more than ever.

All I want in this life is to spread positivity, to encourage others to believe in the power of the planet in all its greenery and oxygen and natural healing. 

Elise HoggardComment