THERAPY OF DANCE is a high energy hip-hop dance class designed for all ages and levels in Berlin, Germany. You will leave the class sweaty, satisfied and connected to your body.

Class is every Thursday from 7:00-8:30pm at Trybe Studios.

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We begin the class by sitting in a circle and sharing our stories with the group based on empathy exercises and self-reflection. Dancers are then guided through a warm-up, full body stretch, before learning choreography and performing to the music.

This combination of Therapy and Dance is our special thing.

We break down choreography in a step-by-step approach, slowing to bring awareness to, and enjoyment of, the process by encouraging improvement through doing and learning.

Our vision is to be the globally recognised dance studio championing mental health through connection to the body, music and people.

We have a supportive community on Instagram and Facebook.


☆ Pay as you come 14€ (Transfer before every class)

☆ Best bundle 60€ (6x classes for whenever you want)

All payments must be done via: PayPal.Me/TherapyOfDance

Alternatively, you can bring exactly 14€ in cash to class.


There are no refunds on membership purchases.

We hope you can understand where we are coming from :)